Ellincoin Just Entered the Real World

Ellin Coin is a platform for investors and cryptocurrency traders who are looking to utilize the most advanced trading tools and technology, as well as the combined wisdom of the community in order achieve maximum returns in cryptocurrency markets.



Intoduction to Ellin Coin

Digital currency is becoming more acceptable as a form of payment in
financial transactions; many organizations are exploring ways to
record traditional forms of assets, such as commercial bills and loyalty
points, into blockchains, usually in the form of consortium chains. Cryptos are used for transactions such as buying and selling goods and services, as store of value, as ecosystem tokens and many other purposes.

This is made possible with the use of an online ledger with strong cryptography. The use of cryptography makes it difficult to double-spend or counterfeit. One defining feature is that it is not regulated by any central authority, making it a tax-free operation system. Cryptocurrencies work by using Blockchain technology spread across various computers Cryptocurrencies have been the top-performing asset class over the last decade, with its total market capitalization growing from around $1.7 Billion in 2013 to where it stands now at $ 1.7 Trillion. Recent months have witnessed global institutional investors – pension, hedge and endowment funds, which historically invest in diverse asset classes including stocks, commodities and real estate – invest in cryptocurrencies to diversify their investment portfolios and spread their risk. There are over 6,700 cryptocurrencies traded globally and with $33b+ worth of meme-coins. The rising giant player in the cryptocurrency market is the decentralized crypto exchange system.




    Ellin Coin will strive to provide utility for the token in many ways such as the Cryptocurrency payment system/Real-Estate buy and sell/Online payment for good and services and much more. Ellin Coin is a community-based and community-driven token, guaranteeing complete transparency through every milestone of the project. Ellin Coin is building a platform to allow everyone safe and easy way of receiving payments with native Ellin Coin. Holders can easily order goods and services and pay their digital payment securely. The blockchain supports end-to-end transaction security check.

    Ellin ecosystem empowers individuals and companies to find more freedom, privacy and wealth. Ellin is peer-2-peer payment Platform – the essence and core of the Ellin infrastructure. It implements a successful peer-2-peer business model and disrupts the traditional payment system. Blockchain technology makes it possible to operate the network without a middleman (the main source of structural issues and vulnerabilities in conventional systems).


    We believe that by accelerating the transition to adopting cryptocurrency, we can help people globally to:

    • Control Their MoneyAbility to access their funds anytime and anywhere.
    • Safeguard Their DataCryptography-secured blockchain makes data-tempering highly unlikely.
    • Protect Their IdentityNo central entity can compromise your identity.



    Decentralized Platforms

    Decentralization solves trust issues by empowering multiple participants to manage a network. Users do not have to trust a central authority, and protocols are designed to prevent bad behavior. User-Powered Governance. Peer-2-Peer platform, which focuses on preventing outright fraud, duplicate identities, maintains transaction history and ratings for its actual end-users, can reach the trust rate comparable to centrally regulated platforms.

    New Payment System

    Payments made in cryptocurrencies are handled fast and cannot be blocked by any centralized authority such as a bank. The whole nature of
    blockchain is decentralized, without any single ``owner,`` and there are no such obstacles as country borders. Ellin Coin uses an BSC which enables green and inexpensive transactions with payment cost a fraction of a penny.

    Privacy & Security

    Each transaction is verified within the network using independently verified complex cryptography, the authenticity of the information can be assured. Decentralized platforms are not under any central control; therefore, there are often no registration requirements for using the platform. Each transaction is verified within the network using
    independently verified complex cryptography, the authenticity of the information can be assured. And with extra security, this made decentralization better than a traditional system.

    Secure Cross-Border Payment

    Records on cross-border blockchains would be secured via cryptography. Network participants have their own private keys assigned to their
    transactions, which operate in a similar way to digital signatures. If these records are edited in any way, the signature will instantly become invalidated - immediately alerting the peer network to the changes occurring. Because blockchains are decentralized and distributed across peer-to-peer networks, the chain is synchronised through many different locations.


    Roadmap of Ellin Coin (ELCS)

    #2022 3Q

    Token Economy Design

    Publication of the white paper

    Completion of Team Line-up

    Token Public Sale

    1st Listing of Ellin Coin Exchange on Pancakeswap

    Listing on other exchanges

    Official launch of the website of Ellin Coin (ELCS)

    Beta-test of a mobile app

    #2023 1Q

    Official Lanuch of the Mobile App of Ellin Coin (android & iOS)

    #2023 2Q

    Integrate our official website to allow people to interact with businesses, accept transactions of cryptocurrencies as payment from customers in exchange for goods or services

    #2023 3Q

    Create pioneering cryptocurrecy payment sytems.

    #2023 4Q

    Expand overseas while keeping in touch with Cyprus business owners

    #2024 1Q

    The Ellin Ecosystem to create more cryptocurrency payment systems. These systems accept payments from any country and put an emphasis on security and speed.

    Mobile games with point system based on Ellin Coin (ELCS) token

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